Designed to thrive
in the roughest weather.

Let weather do its worst.

Record temperatures, heavy snow, and ripping winds demand heavy duty roofing. While harsh weather weakens average roofs dramatically year-over-year, our WeatherXT™ Roofing System was designed to withstand the very worst that weather has to offer.

Maximize your roof life.

Average roofing systems last 15-20 years in average conditions. Amidst blizzards, high winds, ice packs, long winters, sand storms, and record heat, that life can be shortened by up to 10 years.

With the WeatherXT™ Roofing System, your roof life is based on regular exposure to the toughest elements it will face. No days off. No fair weather performance.

No leaks. Guaranteed.

Our Firestone No Leak Award-winning roofs speak for themselves. Our system combines the best nailing, fasteners, valleys, and seals to keep water out and comfortable climates in. No expensive upgrades necessary.

Unmatched protection =
incredible peace of mind.

We take great pride in the character, morals, and ethics that have made us the leading roofer in our local communities. We back every WeatherXT™ roof with our commitment to excellence, as well as competitive manufacturer warranties. In the event an issue does arise with your roof, we’ll right the problem quickly and professionally.

High expectations? We’re more than up to the challenge.

Unyielding quality.
Flexible terms.

We understand that many roofing issues often come as a surprise. Unfortunately, putting off repairs only worsens the original problem and increases the risk of other household damage.

Whether your roofing project is expected or not, we’re here to help with flexible financing options.

(Briggs was) prompt to come out and give us a bid for some hail damage. Their pricing was competitive and they were able to get to our roof quickly. They made it such a simple process!


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