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You’ve recently been impacted by wind and hail, but not sure what the next steps are and who you can trust. You can rest easy with Briggs Roofing, thanks to 40 years of local, reliable roofing service from shake to slate, and everything in between.  Our craftsmanship and customer care is so well known, you will often hear others say how they are “just like” us, “know” us, “used to work for” us, but no one, you will find, can ever deliver like us – the genuine, authentic Briggs Roofing.

With our thanks, for your continued trust and time you are spending with us, we are giving one $50 gift card per household to homeowners when both decision makers are present during your roof consultation.

Briggs Roofing has been serving families for over 40 Years.

Briggs Roofing has been serving families for 40 years in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah, with 4 generations of roofers in the Briggs family. You can feel confident in the longevity of our company that you will have a warranty that you can count on.





Local Roofing Experts!

For the last 40 years, we have been the local experts in roof inspections, claims process, and roof restoration. You can be fully assured that whether your home needs just a repair or a full replacement, you will get exactly what you need to restore your home.

Hassle Free Claims

Your claims process will be hassle free thanks to our experience and the trust insurance companies place in Briggs Roofing for roof claims.

You won’t have to have any concerns about how you will pay for your roof repair or replacement with Briggs Roofing thanks to low monthly payment financing, even for deductibles!

When both decision makers are present during your roof consultation, we’ll give you a $50 gift card with our thanks!


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I've gotten to know Briggs Roofing over the last few days and I can say that (they) are amazing! These folks are real roofers that understand how roofs are built and actually have been doing the work for 4 generations! If you care about quality and having your roof repaired or replaced right, then this is the company for you.


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