Extend & Defend Your Roof Now
From Only $1.80 Per Square Foot!

Extend and Defend your roof now with a Briggs Roofing Roof Restoration from only $1.80 per square foot!

Your shingle roof restoration will protect you and your family from costly roof repairs and a premature roof replacement. Just like regular brushing & flossing your teeth to regular oil changes for your truck or car, your roof needs maintenance to live its longest life possible. 


Roof maintenance such as our Roof Steaming, Roof Tune Ups and Roof Restoration are ideal for budget conscious families who don’t want to replace their roofs sooner than they should have to and especially want to prevent roof repairs. 


Plus, the benefits to your shingle roof last year round!

Briggs Roofing has been serving families for over 40 Years.

Briggs Roofing has been serving families for 40 years in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah, with 4 generations of roofers in the Briggs family. You can feel confident in the longevity of our company that you will have a warranty that you can count on.





High UV and Temperatures?

When the UV index is high and temperatures soar, your roof will be protected from drying and cracking shingles.  These brittle shingles are often a source of roof leaks in the spring and summer.

Not only will your roof look beautiful and feel clean all year, but thanks to its hydrophobic properties it can help protect your roof during winter before the snow gets deep.

Rejuvenate Your Roof, With Extra Perks!

Reverse the age and damage on your roof now with Briggs Roofing Roof Restoration. This service is available to anyone in our Idaho, Montana and Wyoming service area.  You can join our waiting list for Utah today.


WeatherXT Pro Protection Plan

  • Annual Maintenance Plan
  • 1x Charge per year
  • Includes 1 Roof Tune and 1 Ugly Roof Treatment.  I would suggest have them 4-6 months apart
  • Additional benefits include discounted rate on roof steaming

Can be sold when selling a new roof, or when selling one of the maintenance products – roof steaming, roof tune up or roof restoration

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I've gotten to know Briggs Roofing over the last few days and I can say that (they) are amazing! These folks are real roofers that understand how roofs are built and actually have been doing the work for 4 generations! If you care about quality and having your roof repaired or replaced right, then this is the company for you.


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