There’s no job too big
or too small.

No hassle pricing that
meets your bottom line.

While our options vary, our quality does not. Select from tailored solutions that will protect your space, equipment, and people for decades to come – all while keeping your budget intact.

Looking to finance your repair or replacement? Our no-interest, flexible plans can get your project in motion and keep your cash flow on track.

Expertise when and
where it counts.

Our straightforward inspection process leaves no stone unturned. We thoroughly inspect your entire roofing structure for current and potential issues that expose your business to risk, delivering a full report of what’s necessary and what’s not.

Our seamless delivery, installation, and cleanup process ensures you get back to work sooner, roofing concerns resolved.

TVO, PVC, EPDM, or Hypadon membrane? Not to worry – we’ve mastered them all.

The WeatherXT™
Protection System

We’re here to help prepare your business and your people, not just your roof. We’ll work with you to ensure equipment and high-sensitivity areas are secured before any work begins. Our project plans are designed to minimize disruption and allow your team to prepare for each and every stage.

On scope and on

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t simply extend to our final work. It includes every detail, process, and piece of communication that goes into it.

Our installation process and 80+ years of experience protect your project from unnecessary setbacks that cost time and money.

Safety first and always.

The safety of your team is our highest priority. We take precise and thorough measures to ensure our setup, installation, and cleanup procedures leave your workspace as safe (or safer) than we found it.

No-debris, guaranteed.

Worry not about forgotten equipment. Our final inspection includes the entirety of your roof and surrounding areas to remove any and all unused nails, fasteners, and other supplies. What doesn’t get used leaves with us. Guaranteed.

Our 25-point
commitment to you.

We live by our word and the customer experience we stand by. From bidding to cleanup, our 25-point final inspection reviews every aspect of our work to ensure we’ve exceeded our promise to you.

Dig, poke, and
prod. You’ll like
what you find.

New or old, repair or replacement, our work is our word. Our No Leak Guarantee, manufacturer warranty, and first anniversary Peace of Mind Inspection are just a few of the ways we protect your investment after the final nail is placed.

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I highly recommend Briggs Roofing. They replaced the roof for us at Hotel Terra, have done repairs on the roof at Teton Mountain Lodge, and will be fixing an issue with our flat roof at Terra. They are very reliable and extremely competent.


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