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Roof Steaming

We don’t have to tell you how much snow we can get, or the amount of damage ice dams and the weight of the snow can put on your roof.

What you do need to know is that there is a better solution than using heating cables.  These cables can damage your roof, often cannot withstand the amount of ice and snow we get, and require hardwiring into your heating from an electrician – who isn’t a roofer.

The best way to treat heavy snow and remove ice dams without damaging or penetrating your roof is by letting Briggs Roofing steam your roof.  A typical single family home can often be steamed in just 3 hours. Our roof steaming system is even available for commercial roofs, as well as multi family roofs like duplexes and apartments.  

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I've gotten to know Briggs Roofing over the last few days and I can say that (they) are amazing! These folks are real roofers that understand how roofs are built and actually have been doing the work for 4 generations! If you care about quality and having your roof repaired or replaced right, then this is the company for you.


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